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Company Overview

Steady Business Solutions is an Airline, Airport, Travel & Hospitality Technology Solutions provider of software development outsourcing services, bespoke product & project development and professional consultancy services with area specific technical experts. We partner with various technology businesses globally to create innovative products and help companies implement their solutions in a fast, flexible & economical way. We create and deliver business domain specific technology solutions that fits your need and drive the results you want.
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Outsourcing Software Development

Our outsourcing software development service enables you in getting highly skilled, experienced and economical resources in airline, airport, travel & hospitality domain as per client's requirement, processes, methodology and technology tools and work exclusively for client's project…

Software Product Development

Software engineers at Steadybiz build high quality and scalable solutions across various verticals for travel industry based on the bespoke needs of the client, which gives client to focus on their business for revenue generation and substantially reduces time to market its product...

Mobile App Development

Our mobile expertise ranges from creating native mobile apps which are creative, user-friendly and fast for various travel platforms including airline, airport, hospitality and other travel services for specific operating systems, to cross-platform applications at enterprise level...

Software QA & Testing

Our professional testing team has vast experience of travel domain-oriented software testing services for products developed for airline, airport, travel and hospitality domains. As we understand travel business thoroughly, we offer independent software testing service for our clients...

Product Migration & Integration

To effectively migrate mission-critical and highly complex platforms like airline passenger service systems requires a particularly high level of technical expertise. We create a detailed migration plan to protect the airline's key business functions at each stage of the cut over...

Application & Technical Support

We offer technical support for your existing applications related to any travel services. This support is available based on client’s choice of model for supporting and maintaining multiple applications on regular basis for the number of resources, duration and time zone required…



As per the published facts, half of the amount that will be spent on the technology by the airlines in this year is going to be spent on personalisation solutions for passengers. For airlines, customer interaction starts way before the passenger boards the flight; it begins when the flyer is looking for a flight and it extends way after he/she disembarks the aircraft. We develop and deliver various solutions for airlines to enhance the overall experience of the passengers with the airline systems.
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What passengers want: Greater personal control of the airport process and their travel experience. We have expertise in developing solutions for airport domain used by airport and airlines ranging from airline check-in systems on both CUTE and non-CUTE platforms, EDIFACT & AIRIMP messages between check-in and reservation systems to airport baggage handling systems by giving the control, flexibility & enhance the experience of the passengers with various systems for seamless operations across the airport.
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Travel Experience: Today's traveller wants an exceptional service and experience from the service provider. We develop and deliver all travel solutions with required technology and service to fulfil your traveller’s needs and experience and have expertise with online travel portals for direct consumers, travel agents and corporates to look, book and manage their itineraries across various travel services - flights, hotels, trains, buses, cabs for their business and leisure travel on various platforms.
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Technology solutions and business processes that enable Guest Experience have become the focal point of practically every Hotelier’s business today. In a competitive hospitality market, hotel operators look for ways to attract & retain hotel guests by enhancing their experience with technology. Hoteliers are increasingly tapping into new technology to help them create unique guest experiences. We develop hospitality solutions with technology and services for your guests to give the experience you want.
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Why Choose Us

Value Driven Business

We understand the customer requirements thoroughly and understand – what business value customer is looking for.

Customer Focused

We are focused on the Customer needs and their satisfaction levels by the solutions, services and support.

Reliable Partner

We jointly work with you as a trusted, dedicated and reliable business partner, who understands your requirements.

Competitive Advantage

We offer stable products and solutions with latest cutting edge technologies, faster performance, more flexibility.